Early Head Start

Riverbend Head Start and Family Services’ Early Head Start Home-Based program is designed to provide comprehensive services for pregnant women, infants and toddlers by supporting the development of the whole child and family.

Our Early Head Start Home Based program provides in home visits for 90 minutes weekly facilitated by our Family Advocates to promote positive nurturing, responsive and effective interactions between parents and their children. In addition to our home-based services our Family Advocates host Learn and Plays two times per month for families and their children.

Parents who are participating in the Early Head Start program will experience;

  • Growing Great Kid’s Curriculum
  • Growing Great Families Curriculum
  • Dental education
  • Hand washing education
  • Parent education
  • Disability services
  • Transportation support
  • Monthly health, nutrition, prevention, and safety education
  • Monthly Parent meetings
  • Evening themed events
  • Fieldtrips with children
  • Teachable experiences

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Our mission is to empower children and families to develop positive skills to meet life's challenges.